At Park Transportation we can proudly say that we had succeeded in providing of excellent trucking service more than many companies founded a long time before us. Our secret is simple: we provide our customers with dependable high-quality transportation services and our drivers and independent contractors with the highest level of support and respect.

We are better prepared than others to bring the best service as well as fresh ideas in trucking industry trough great communication system and latest equipment. Our professional dispatchers are at your disposal 24/7. Our company is better prepared to bring the best service, as well as fresh ideas to the trucking business. Every driver in our fleet is a leader in their area, trusted with the responsibility to fulfill our clients’ needs. Our 24-hours dispatch technology eliminates organizational barriers.


Park Transportation understands that the handling of customer’s shipments is a team effort. From the customer service representative who takes the order, to the driver’s manager who dispatches the load, to the professional Park Transportation’s driver who transports and delivers the shipment, and the accountant who assures fast pay.

The trucking industry is constantly changing, which means we are always looking for the best dispatch and transportation equipment that will enable us to move forward. We always use new equipment-trucks (2008 and up) and trailers – vans or reefers.

We are truly committed to providing the absolute best for our driver associates through top-ranked pay with a guarantee to always provide consistency, integrity, respect and support in the work environment. We are committed to building upon our reputation and becoming the premier carrier in the industry.